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In 2013, the same year that I earned my personal training diploma, I was 25 years old, training 6 days each week as a triple jumper and competing most weekends. I love athletics, I love training outside and I love the feeling of always being full of energy and like I’m ready to take on the next challenge. This feeling was so strong that I wanted to share it with everyone so I started training other people to become fitter, healthier and happier.

​A couple of years down the line, I was pregnant with my first child. I continued to train as much as I could but eventually, I had to put a pause on athletics training and stick to swimming and lighter gym workouts. Once Lily was born, I was keen to get back to jumping again. I qualified as a pre and post-natal instructor and developed my own post-natal recovery programme to restore my inner-core muscles.

I am pleased to report that my pelvic floor is well recovered and I can make it through a training session with absolutely zero ‘oops moments’.

Currently, my life consists of being a tantrum dissipating, snack providing, bouncing and rolling super-mum whilst also being a knowledgeable, caring and solution-finding personal trainer. And of course, I’m fitting in the occasional track session – because true love lasts for a lifetime!


Lvl 3 Personal training diploma

Lvl 3 Pre and post-natal instructor

Lvl 3 Exercise referral instructor

Pad work instructor

Kettle bell instructor

Athletics Coach

Lvl 4 Exercise specialist in Cancer rehabilitation 

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